Golf Cart Rentals in Port Aransas, TX

Gas Golf Carts or Electric Golf Carts

Access everything Port A has to offer by renting one of our golf carts during your stay at a Port Aransas vacation rental. We offer a fast and simple process so the rental process is hassle-free. Reserve online and confirm NOW. The golf cart rental will be in the driveway upon your arrival, fully charged and ready to use. You can rent one of our electric or gas 6-seaters and enjoy the gulf breeze.  Electric golf carts all come with the safety of backup cameras. Let the bluetooth stereo play your favorite music.  When you check out we just ask that you rinse it off and plug it in. For those golf cart rentals that don't have access to an outlet for charging -- we recommend going with our gas carts to make your vacation in Port Aransas Texas as seamless as possible!

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Frequently Asked Golf Cart Questions:

1) Where can I drive the golf cart I rented? 

Golf carts can not be driven on Highway 361 or on any sidewalks in town, only certain spots on Highway 361 are legal to cross so make sure to get a map from our office staff. Golf carts can be driven all over town other than that same as you would drive your car. Make sure you follow all traffic laws!

2) Do I have to fill up my gas cart rental before I bring it back?

Yes, when you rent a gas golf cart be sure to fill it up before you return it.

3) Do I need to buy a beach pass for my golf cart rental?

No, all of the New Wave carts come with beach passes on them.

4) How old do you have to be to rent a golf cart?

You must be 21 years or older to rent a golf cart.

5) Who can drive the golf cart?

Anyone with a valid driver's license can drive a golf cart, just remember it's on the renters insurance if there are any accidents.  

6) Do I have to wear my seatbelt on the golf cart?

Yes, click it or get a ticket! 

7) Do I have to pick up my golf cart rental?

New Wave offers FREE delivery to most of our rental home customers for multi-day rentals.  We will have your cart ready and waiting in the driveway of your New Wave Rental house. When you checkout, you can leave the cart right where you found it!

8) How many miles can I drive with an electric golf cart rental?

You can travel approximately 40 miles on a full charge.