Short-term Management

New Wave Provides Top Level Vacation Rentals On the Island

Short term or nightly rentals are at the core of New Wave's business plan.  We bring a complete understanding of how to maximize the occupancy through syndicated advertising and top notch service.  This is where our company thrives due to its deep understanding that we have two different clients in every transaction.   First, we have the home owner who is concerned about maximizing revenue while keeping their asset in good condition while it appreciates in value.   Then we have the guests who need to be taken care of from the time they decide to make their reservation.  We have learned that it is all about communication and service.  New Wave takes care of everything from through electronic notifications before, during and after the guest's departure.   This communication packaged with multiple personal touches keeps guests excited while they are here and better yet, dedicated to reserving your home in the future.